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Join HealthCheck MD on the Road to Energy, Vitality and Functional Health, with AmeriSciences® Nutrition

Why look to HealthCheck MD and AmeriSciences® nutritional supplementation for increased energy, vitality and longevity? Because, today’s science supports the theory of wellness by prevention and nutrition, and AmeriSciences® partnered with physicians, leading scientists and NASA to develop enhanced nutritional products for today's hectic pace. The Result? Better quality of life.

Safe, premium nutraceuticals are designed to deliver nutrients when your body requires them the most. This bio-directed approach, coupled with the highest quality ingredients, pharmaceutical manufacturing and testing standards, provide nutrition superior to the majority of other food grade supplements on the market. AmeriSciences® products from HealthCheck MD ensure you receive the greatest health benefitsand results possible.

Discover our   n e w   c o m p e t i t i v e   p r i c i n g   making AmeriSciences’® superior products the best choice for value and health for you and your family.

Achieve wellness in your life! For 12 years, tens of thousands of satisfied AmeriSciences® customers, as well as countless physicians’ offices across the country that carry AmeriSciences® products, attest to their safety and effectiveness. AmeriSciences® has raised the bar for evidence based nutritional supplementation and pledges to continue a commitment to those on a mission to achieve optimal health. HealthCheck MD and AmeriSciences® products are your partners in nutrition; helping you feel better, look better and live better!

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AmeriSciences’® products and scientific rigor were consistently esteemed by physicians, patients and consumers. Their relationship and formulations co-developed with NASA produced ground-breaking outcomes. Despite its many possibilities, the business model, cost structure and distribution approach were misaligned – AmeriSciences, as a company, ceased operations in early May 2012.

A team of dedicated professionals have been working hard to re-pave the foundation for a future of even greater potential. HealthCheck MD is a first step – with the support of independent advisors such as Carlos Montesinos – former chief scientist of AmeriSciences®, HealthCheck MD is bringing the company’s products back to the market while the company itself is in transition.

So relax knowing that the products are back, and will remain available through an official channel that has the means and quality pedigree you have come to know and expect from the AmeriSciences® brand. Rest assured that we will be supporting the efforts in progress to take all the good of AmeriSciences® products, science and opportunities to a new and even better place.

 HealthCheck MD is Space with AmeriSciences 
Amerisciences products

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AmeriSciences Products